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Baliehof in Jabbeke


Presenting Baliehof Cheese and Dairy Farm from Jabbeke is not that difficult: Krista and Luc make all kinds of delicious dairy products since 1990 with the milk from their Friesian cows.

On the pastures of Zerkegem (Jabbeke, at 12 km from Bruges) 75 Friesian dairy cows graze who produce many thousands of liters of fresh milk. All foods are produced on the farm, and all animals are self-grown. This creates an animal-friendly band!

Krista began in 1990 with the making of butter, buttermilk, yogurt and cottage cheese, in 1992 came the ice cream and in 1995 began Krista's dream: producing hard cheeses. This range has evolved over the years into a range of up to 30 types of fresh cheeses and herbs cheese. How about the “Baliebrie”, the “Boerenwitten” and the Abby cheese, called “From the land of Permeke” which is very applicable in the Jabbeke? The latest creations are the "cheese from the land of Arnoldus" and "Bumblebee Beer Cheese", both aged in dark or blond beer. Each cheese is lovingly prepared and each cheese is by the traditional process slightly different.

The sale of farm products Baliehof was done since 1990 in the farm shop (open on Friday and Saturday), and since 2000 at the weekly markets in Bruges (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday). You can bump into Krista or another employee on a cheese market or another event, where the cheese balls “the mille find a smooth disposal.

 A very small part of the farm products are sold through a shop, a butcher or a colleague in the markets. This is deliberately not expanded because Krista wants the contact between producer and consumer to be as close as possible preserved.

To further explain to customers about our farmhouse production proces, groups are regularly received in our new reception area with seating for 75 people. We do this for a club, a group of friends or a class, they are all equally welcome (20 people). And upon request we put everything "in English" or "en Français".

Krista welcomes and explains all about our farm while you’re enjoying a pot of chocolate mousse, followed by a video of the company of about 10 minutes. After that you can make a tour in the cheese ripening, where all of your questions are answered quickly. Optionally, the visit concludes with a cheese tasting, a farmhouse pie or a cheese plate with bread and wine. (Ask our visitors brochure here)

Our mix of traditional cooking and friendly welcome is apparently particularly in the taste, because the word-of-mouth advertising brings more new customers in the farm shop.

Download here the photo of Luc and Krista

Baliehof Zuivelboerderij, Gistelsteenweg 577, 8490 Zerkegem, baliehof@scarlet.be, 050/81.11.02

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